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CAD Drawings
and BIM Models

Detailed information can be extracted from the orthomosaic imagery and 3D point cloud data. With the addition of site ground control points, RealityOne can create high-accuracy CAD drawings and BIM models with survey-accurate 2D planimetric linework, 3D digital terrain models, and BIM models.


The majority of the information needed to create CAD drawings and BIM models is contained in the orthomosaic imagery we collect for orthomosaics. By extracting this information into CAD drawings and models, value in the form of time and cost savings is added to the service and deliverables you can provide to your clients.

Deliverables: CAD and BIM

Common file formats: DWG, DGN, RVT, PLN, NWD and others

Aerial Pictures
and Video

Whether you're doing a detailed inspection, selling your property, or just want to showcase your project with stunning images, RealityOne delivers high-quality, high-resolution images and videos in common file formats.

Images are ready to use or can be edited in professional apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and GIMP. The images can also be used in consumer apps like MS Paint, Pixlr and more.

Edit and share your videos and images with YouTube, iMovie, Pinterest and other sharing platforms.


Common file formats: JPG, PNG, MP4, AVI, MOV and others

Aerial View of a Drone
Deliverables: Freeform
Deliverables: Ortho
Orthomosaic Imagery

An orthomosaic is an overall image assembled from a collection of smaller individual images, geometrically corrected, or “orthorectified”, such that the scale is uniform and the image lacks distortion, like a map.


Unlike the uncorrected freeform aerial images, an orthomosaic image is created at scale and therefore can be used for 2D length and area measurements with an accuracy up to 0.05' and an image resolution of approximately 1/4" per pixel.

Orthomosaics provide a view similar to what is shown in the satellite view in Google Maps, with much more accurate and up to date data.

Common file formats: TIFF

Point Clouds

A Point Cloud is a collection of thousands to millions of data points, with each point’s location defined by its discrete X,Y, and Z coordinate. Collectively, the point cloud defines a three-dimensional object such as a building or ground topography. The point clouds delivered by RealityOne are created from the individual images captured  and assembled for orthomosaic images.


When coordinated with survey ground control points, the point cloud points have a real-world positional accuracy of approximately 0.05'-0.10’.  As a result of this high accuracy, precise length, width, height, area and volume measurements can be taken from the point cloud.


Because it is an accurate 3D representation of the area of interest, virtual walk- and fly-throughs are easily created from the point cloud.

Moffet Scan 4.png
Deliverables: Point Cloud

Common file formats: LAS, e57, RCS, RCP, MAP and others

Business Team
Exhibits, Renderings, and Reports

After we've compiled the data, crunched the numbers, and extracted the information, we prepare and deliver clear, easy to use graphical exhibits, renderings, and reports.


Common deliverables include spreadsheets, text documents, animated walk-and fly-throughs, poster-size pictures, CAD drawings, and renderings.

We work with you to make sure the information you need is complete, easily understood, and in a usable format.

Deliverables: Analysis
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