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Aerial View of a Drone
Drone Mapping.jpg
Drone Mapping

Surveyors, design professionals, and contractors are using drone mapping photogrammetry and lidar to address many industry challenges, including finding qualified staff, keeping staff safe on the job, adhering to deadlines and schedules, and maintaining low costs and sustainable profits.

RealityOne uses our own pilots and drones to collect massive quantities of survey-accurate point cloud data and high-resolution imagery in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

We process the raw data on your behalf or deliver the data to you for your own internal processing.

The results are high-accuracy point clouds, topographic maps, and orthomosaic imagery scaled, rotated, and tied into the site ground control. 

Services: Collect
Aerial Photography and Inspection

Engineers, contractors, construction managers, owners, developers, property managers, realtors, and others rely on drones to capture stunning high-resolution aerial images and video.


Common uses for aerial pictures and video include inspection of rooftops, towers, bridges,  building facades, and more. Additional uses include community outreach and engagement, marketing, progress documentation, before and after images, and time-lapse video. 

RealityOne uses our own drones to collect high-resolution imagery in a fraction of the time of traditional methods.

Services: Images
Laser Scanning.jpg
Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is used by designers, architects, and contractors from planning to construction to final facility hand-over.

RealityOne captures high-resolution point clouds, resulting in 2D and 3D models for use in space planning, design, construction sequencing, conflict resolution, progress documentation, and as-built verification.

We offer stationary and handheld mobile laser scanning to meet your specific project needs.

Point clouds captured during the scanning process can be used in downstream applications like the free CloudCompare and professional grade applications including Revit, Navisworks, Procore, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, and others.

Services: Scanning
2D Drafting and 3D Modeling

RealityOne provides scan-to-BIM and scan-to-CAD services, converting point clouds, 3D meshes, and other large data sets into files used by common CAD and modeling applications. These include AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, Microstation, GeoPak, Infraworks, Carlson, and many others.

Common deliverables include CAD files containing 1' contours, TIN surface models, and linework for all natural and manmade planimetric features. 

We create photo-realistic 3D BIM models of structures, sites and landscapes, which are interactive, high-resolution and highly accurate.

We work with your layer/level names, blocks and cells, and object styles to create a drawing file that fits seamlessly with your workflow.

Services: 2D 3D
Point Cloud Processing 2.jpg
Point Cloud Processing

Point clouds provide a tremendous amount of detail and the information they contain has great potential value. Unfortunately, point clouds are not the easiest type of data to work with.


No matter who collects your data, whether drone images or ground laser scans, RealityOne will process it on your behalf into high-accuracy, clean, usable point cloud data.


We deliver a high-density 3D point cloud with 1/4" accuracy tied to project coordinates ready for use in downstream applications, including CAD, BIM, and construction management platforms.

Services: Processing
Material Quantities and Analysis

RealityOne turns data into information to give you the insight you need to take sound design and financial action.

We collect and analyze site data for earthwork cut and fill quantities; paving areas and lengths; subgrade and subbase volume quantities; and stockpile volumes and inventory management.

RealityOne prepares culvert and ditch conveyance capacity analysis; stormwater detention volume calculations; and watershed runoff determinations.


Aerial images are used for site utilization; safety and security planning; hazard detection and avoidance; and site logistics planning.

Services: Analysis

Our staff of industry professionals has decades of real-world project experience and just as many years implementing technology.

Some of the consulting services offered by RealityOne:

  • Drone and scanner equipment recommendations

  • Software evaluation, implementation, and training

  • Reality capture workflow review and optimization

  • Assistance in setting up an in-house drone program

  • Value engineering and design review

Services: Consulting
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