Stockpiles, Earthwork
and Volumes

Using laser scanning and photogrammetry, we capture and analyze stockpiles, detention basins, utility trenches, landfills, refuse piles and more, and deliver detailed reports and supporting documentation.

  • Bland Recycling

    This future residential development site had large piles of material on site. A detailed surface and volume calculations were necessary.

  • Cantigny New Leaf

    Earthwork volume calculations for park and garden renovation ensured the owner and the contractor of the value of change order.

  • Geneva Remediation

    Collection surface data for1,000 acres and 4 million cubic yards of contaminated soil presented potential health and safety issues for survey crews. Using surfaces from drone data, drones, high-accuracy volumes were calculated on a weekly basis.

  • Granite City Roofing

    A giant refuse pile of construction debris presented a potential safety hazard to measure its volume. Drones mapped the piles and kept the crews out of harm's way.

  • Lincoln Valley

    Precise utility trench spoil and earthwork volume calculations were required for this third phase of residential development.

  • VOHB Assisted Living

    A change in earthwork contractor was required midway through the project and the owner and contractor needed to verify the volumes.

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